*We are 100% weather dependent meaning; the weather needs to be good for flying the day of your scheduled flight.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is paragliding?

Paragliding is the simplest form of human flight. A paraglider is a non-motorized, foot-launched inflatable wing. It is easy to transport, easy to launch, and easy to land. The paraglider itself is constructed of rip-stop nylon from which the pilot is suspended by sturdy Kevlar lines. The pilot is clipped into a harness and oriented in a sitting position for maximum comfort.


What is the difference between taking a motored and non-motored flight?

With a non-motored flight you will take off from the top of a bluff, and with a motored flight you will take off directly from the ground.

Is paragliding the same as parasailing or parachuting?

Parasailing is what you do at a beach or offshore, in a modified parachute tied to a boat, not so popular in California. Parachutes are designed to be deployed during free-fall from an airplane and to then descend to the ground. By contrast, paraglider pilots launch from gentle hillsides; if the glider isn't flying properly, the launch can be aborted before leaving the ground.

Is paragliding like hang-gliding?

Paragliding and hang gliding are very similar in terms of the pure joy of flight. The sensation of flying either craft is very birdlike.

Is paragliding for you?

Paragliding is about finesse and serenity, not so much strength and brute force. As in rock climbing, women often do much better than men because they don't try to muscle it.

Is paragliding safe?

You can make paragliding, like most adventure sports, as safe or dangerous, as you want. The primary safety factors are personal judgment and attitude. You can fly safely for many years with the right attitude.