North Side - Point of the Mountain
15300 Steep Mountain Dr
Draper, UT 84020 
Closely located near the I-15 Freeway in Draper, Utah. 
The North Side Point of the Mountain Flight Park is one of best paragliding locations in the WORLD! 
Why you ask?
The beautiful mountains in Utah create a perfect wind flow in the Salt Lake Valley which make the wind travel north and south. The Point of the Mountain sticks out in the valley like a thumb, creating a perfect wave for that wind to blow over the Point which results in great flying conditions all year round. 
Typically better suited for afternoon and evening flights, this 2 mile long ridge creates enough constant lift for you to soar anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour. Flights where you can soar over 1,000+ feet above the ground (6,500 MSL) are very common. 
There may not be a better view in all of Salt Lake, Utah.
This Salt Lake County Flight Park has a asphalt parking lot, running water in the well kept restrooms and a large grass area for take off and landings. 
Email: info@nsaparagliding.com for more details. 

Mountain Location - *Weather Dependent
* All mountain locations have been restricted for training. These locations are only available to you if you are already signed off by USHPA to fly them. Please call Nice Sky Adventures for more information or to learn how you can fly at one of these locations. 

Experience the feeling of free flight at its fullest by taking to the mountains! 
Most launches are under a 1 hour drive from the Salt Lake International Airport and require a short hike to launch. Launch locations are determined by the weather conditions on the given day. Your Nice Sky Adventure Team Pilot will discuss the options as you come up with a destination together. 
Some Utah site options include but are not limited to: 
South Side Point of the Mountain
This location is the reason Utah is one of the best places to learn to fly in the world! 

This smooth hill is the most consistent flying site in Utah. Period. If you want to book your flight for a special day, the South Side may be the way to go to guarantee a perfect flight. The South Side is great for beginners or thrill seekers because of the constant lift.  Stay floating in the air for hours at a time at this perfect spot. 

If learning how to fly is what you are looking for, this is the place. Two weeks of good weather training here is comparable to 2 years of paragliding handling almost anywhere else in the world.  There may not be a better place in the world to try paragliding for your first time. 

This is a state owned recreation park with camping, toilets and high speed WiFi available on location